Now and Here - Chengdu | Liu Jiakun: Selected

Artist: Liu Jiakun / Jiakun Architects

Team: Wang Kailing, Liu Ying, Liu Su, Bai Jianhong, Wen Feng, Yang Lei, Ai Linzi,Li Zhenya and Wu Luyi

Duration: July 22 - August 31,2017

About Aedes

The Aedes Architecture Forum is a world-renown independent institution and exhibition space for the international communication of contemporary architecture and urban design. Established in 1980 as the first private architecture gallery in Europe, the Aedes Architecture Forum has gained a large international partnership network, which feeds to an outstanding cultural platform for the global and public discourse of the built environment.


'Now and Here - Chengdu' exclusively presents mainly local projects in Chengdu including West Village Yard. The exhibition unfolds urban evolutionary history and the genius loci of the city, as well as demonstrates Chengdu's humanistic standpoint in practising a new model of urbanisation. It aims to open a new chapter of urban development dialogue between Germany and China.