People Mountain People Sea: A Celebration of Everyday Life

Curator:Alejandro Aravena

DurationMay 28th, 2016 - Nov. 27, 2016

Artist: Liu Jiakun/Jiakun Architects

Team:Yang Lei, Wang Kailing, Liu Ying, Liu Su, Wen Feng, Wu Luyiand, Zhu Weikun

Volunteer: He Shuo, Wang Mian, Ai Yufeng and Yin Weilin

The city grows madly; memories are vanishing; public space has been slowly eroded; so does the genius loci and conventional lifestyles. People's leisure activities is no more than a normative by-product of consumer culture. It seems like the energy of daily life is merely thriving on leftover space.


Surrounding the project is a large area of ordinary residential communities lacking public space. The land used to be served as a golf driving range and tennis court for a small group of people. In order to maximize the use of street vitality and get the most complete internal public space, under the premise of specific city planning regulations, West Village adopts a centrifugal layout that encircles the entire block as a vast park-styled courtyard to form a green basin containing diverse public life, which also echoes the original low-land landscape of Sichuan Basin - in both natural and cultural sense. Smaller bamboo courtyards are nested within bigger ones that the public can freely meander. The spatial design carries forward the ever-popular and traditional leisure lifestyle among locals. The functional structure serves as a 'bookshelf' allowing customers freely put on their own 'books', and the inner façade eventually becomes a parade of marketplace scenarios. An elevated runway entwined the whole courtyard, connecting each floors from the underground to the roof. It brings excitements of unusual experiences, especially for joggers and cyclists; meanwhile endows the project with a dynamic and vivid image.


With the same height as external residential areas, West Village is integrated into the urban scape. The daily life of the local residents is commemorated through its multivalent interior courtyards. It is able to sustain and develop itself while revitalizing the public life of its surrounding communities.