With the Wind 2015 · It Is Your Call

With the Wind 2015 · It Is Your Call

56th International Art Exhibition | Chinese Pavilion

Curator: Beijing Contemporary Art Foundation
Duration: 9 May > 22 November 2015
Installation/Mixed Media


Artist: Liu Jiakun
Team: Liu Su, Liu Ying, Wang Kailing, Wen Feng, and Yang Lei
Volunteer: He Shuo, Wang Mian, Chen Sanzi, and Luo Chenmin


A  row  of fishing  rods  fixed  by  the  tree  logs  and  arched  by  the  swords  hangs  at  the  fore  end;  and  it consequently  forms  an  arcade.   Due  to  the  subtleness  of  the  kinetics,  the  whole  structure  is  balanced  yet delicate – it moved and sounded by the wind. The delicate balance - A slight move in one part may affect the installation as a whole - is an illustration of the uncertain status that mankind in face of the future.  Audiences are encouraged  to  share  the  views  and  write  them  on  the  note papers;  then  attach  them  on  the  sword  with magnets. The notes can be collected day after day will finally form texts, which can be available later at our official website. Portable stools can be available at site. As a free and open space, the installation serves as an outdoor gathering place.

The Artist Statement

On the face of it, the installation can be described as – a row of fishing rods fixed by the tree logs and arched by the swords hangs at the fore end; and it consequently forms an arcade. Generally speaking, to construct an arcade is to overcome the gravity. The arcade here, however, is an effect of  the  gravity;  which  is  unconventional.  Differ  from  the  physical  objects  of  the  installation;  the  gravity  is invisible and intangible. However, it is one of the basic elements on which the world exists. The gravity is the inner logic of the whole mechanic structure.

The long fishing rod, as the arm of force, decides the limit of the balance. Rough tree logs at one end while slender  swords  at  the other – a  barely  seen  string  connects  the  two  parts.  Due  to  the  subtleness  of  the kinetics, the whole structure is balanced yet delicate - it is an illustration of the uncertain status that mankind in face of the future.

As an architect, building up space to invite people in is almost my "intuition". This intuition distinguishes my work from general installations - a focus to attract people's attention. The arcade I built is rather a locus where people  assemble  and  interact;  it  is  where  things  happen.  People  enter space  as  such  already  forms  a dynamic  of  interaction  with  the  installation.  Audiences  are  encouraged  to  write  comments  on  the  notes  and attach them with the magnets on the swords – they are the counterweights. Audiences’ action would break the balance  and  fluctuates  the  structure.  The  notes  can  be  collected  day  after  day  and  finally  forms  text  as  an extension of the installation. A butterfly can cause a hurricane by flapping her wings; likewise, an individual view can influence the future. The future is in your hands; it is your call.